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What’s going on?

I currently have Nexplanon in my arm but I believe it no longer works. I’m scheduled to have it removed in February as my husband and I have decided to start TTC and in March it was due to expire. I gained 80 lbs on it and  had no periods. About 5 weeks ago I started a 3 week heavy period, had a 2 day break and then it started again for a whole week exact when we had sex, no period since that one ended, I also lost 30 lbs In 2 months without really changing my lifestyle. It’s been a week since I got off my period and now I’m having really strong cramps, light bloating, I have a hot flash occasionally, and I’ve gotten really bad acne around my chin that I don’t normally have. We did have sex everyday for the 2 weeks that he was on leave. I’m at a loss as for what’s going on?

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  • alan P
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    4 weeks ago

    If the implant is still in your arm and is not going to expire until March then its very unlikely that you are pregnant.  It's possible that having the implant removed will clear up your problems but I agree with Diane that you need professional medical advice.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    To complicated for here, make an appointment with your gyn, you may need some tests.

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