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How accurate are blood tests in Scotland, England and Wales? ?

I have health/death anxiety and I was feeling really ill last month so I got a blood test for a variety of different things (vitals, thyroid etc) and the tests came back healthy and satisfactory. But I still worry about my health and have frequent panic attacks with symptoms that make my death anxiety worse. How accurate are blood tests in the UK? How quickly does blood content change if there's something wrong? 

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    Blood tests around the world are done in well equipped labs and therefore are accurate in the UK and most countries.

    I live in Australia and have tests done at three different labs in Melbourne, most often one closely associated as part of the local main hospital group. It depends on the hospital or doctor making the pathology request as to which lab company I attend. In fact, I have just been for several blood and urine tests with a lab that is part of the hospital system before typing this.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    UK blood tests are accurate so stop stressing, I get mine done regularly in Scotland for my type 2 diabetes and thyroid

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