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Should I try to make a move or not?

need to know if I should make a move or not.?

Met this girl this semester in college. She looks really nice originally sat a few chairs down from me and noticed I had personality and she started sitting next to me. Even to the point of going to get food,exchanging numbers etc. Should I make a move or is she just really being really kind and just friendly. I'm an idiot so help

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    Most guys these days are a bit of an idiot, so don't feel bad. If you like a girl and are interested in her, ask her out on a date (with your VOICE, in person or over the phone, not through text)

    Guys have asked me out through text before and i totally ignored that cowardly behavior.

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  • Jerry
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    You'll only know the answer to that if you ask her out...all she can say is no...give it a try. She didn't move because she didn't like you...

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  • 1 month ago

    If you make a move and declare your intentions to her, you've got maybe a 50% chance of success.  If she makes a move, you've got a 100% chance of success.  

    If you don't make a move, you've got a 0% chance of seeing her unbuttoned.

    You could wait for her to make a move, but nobody knows the odds of that happening.  Girls are totally allowed to make the first move these days, but very few of them actually will.  Despite all their endless talk about equality, they don't want THAT much equality.  They're fine with the equal benefits part, not so fine with equal expectations.  Most girls totally expect the guy to take all the risks of making the first move.  Some girls will make the first move, but not very many.  That means it's pretty much up to you.

    So there you have it, you have two options.  Make a move and have a 50-50 shot at seeing her naked, or don't make a move and have zero percent chance.  Which option sounds better to you?  

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