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Brosius Dissing Mike Trout?

Little David Brosius, who apparently wasn't breast fed as a child, claims that Mike Trout has circumvented MLB rules against PEDs by having his doctors fake the thyroid condition from which he suffers.

"...Mike Trout takes HGH for a 'thyroid' condition," Brosius wrote on Instagram. "It's a loophole he found and the MLB doesn't make it public because they don't want fans knowing their best player is on HGH. But people within know..."

It should be noted that Trout has never failed a drug test in his career yet this nothing son of a nothing former major leaguer has seen fit to attack the best player in the game today.

Should MLB take this little punk's claim seriously?

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    The executives at MLB aren't medical doctors, its not their role to diagnose a player's medical conditions or second guess the diagnosis of the licensed doctors who actually see and treat the players.

    If MLB has valid reasons to suspect that a particular player (or group of players) is colluding with a particular doctor (or group of doctors) to generate a fake medical diagnosis in order to get a fraudulent exemption to use an otherwise banned steroid, then MLB can investigate the matter and have other doctors give a 2nd opinion on whether the diagnosis is correct and whether the prescribed medicine is the appropriate treatment.

    If I were the Commissioner of MLB, the first thing I would do is ask David Brosius to contact me privately to present evidence of his claim. If he provides evidence to back up his claim I'd contact Mike Trout and the team doctors and ask them for their side of the story.

    On the other hand if David Brosius didn't have any valid evidence I'd have the league attorneys send him a cease and desist letter threatening a defamation lawsuit against him on behalf of Trout, the Angels, and MLB if he continues to publicly accuse Trout of a serious violation without presenting evidence.

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    He wouldn't fail a test if he had an exemption from the league to take it for medical reasons.

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    Your argument is contradictory. You argue he hasn't failed a drug test. He won't fail if he's got a medical exception. The question is about the validity of his medical exception. MLB won't comment on medical issues. 

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