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A 50.0 N box is at rest on a horizontal surface. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the surface is .5, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.30. A horizontal 20.0 N force is then exerted on the box. What is it's acceleration?

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    once it starts moving, kinetic friction is all that matters, as long as the applied force is enough to overcome the static friction

    force of kinetic friction = 0.3x50 = 15 N

    force of static friction = 0.5x50 = 25 N

    20 N is not enough to overcome the static friction, so the box does not move, acceleration = 0

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  • oubaas
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    4 weeks ago

    Since μs = 0.5 and weight*μs = 50*0.5 = 25 N > 20 N, then the box won't move

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