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Would this potentially be a good Harry Potter wand? Yew Wood and Celtic Siren Hair core?

I was wondering if a wand made from Yew Wood with a Celtic Siren Hair core would be a good wand.

I wonder if it could potentially equal or surpass the elder wand in power. Just like threstral tail hair, sirens are associated with death, also the associateion of sirens with wind might make the wand able to retain some weather modification powers.

It is a very feminine type wand, and probably would not work for make wizards but for witches it would be a very effective wand. Would this be a good wand for Morgan La Fae who has some partial siren ancestry. She needs something equal to the elder wand but of a much softer power.

Would this be a good wand, what do you think?


The wand was made by the Lady Of the Lake from yew driftwood in Loch Ness and the lady of the lake’s own hair, and would be imbued with siren song. Would this be a good magic wand?

Update 2:

Would an Oak and Leviathan Fang wand be good for Merlin? Potentially made from fangs from a great leviathan living in Loch Ness? This wand could channel the power of the great leviathan master of all calamities and king of the monsters of the underworld,

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    According to Abramelin a wand must be made of almond wood.

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    It ain't the size of the wand, it's how you use it.

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