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Is this sentence grammatically correct?

The roulette slowed down, the ball passing 28, then falling onto 4.


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    Well, technically, yes. It's a very awkward construction, however. A few pieces of advice:

    1) "The roulette" is an uncommon noun here. Normally people say "the roulette wheel" or "the roulette ball," or just "the wheel." "The roulette" may work if you've previously established a colloquial dialect or something like that.

    2) You have two consecutive in passing statements (the ball passing 28, and falling onto 4). There is really no need for two of these. Your sentence starts with "the roulette" as the subject, and then shifts to focus on the ball in the final segment. It might be better to just break them into separate sentences, or make it a true compound sentence with two separate segments that each establish their own subject. Something like this would be less clunky: "The roulette (wheel) slowed down. The ball passed 28, then fell into 4."

    3) You didn't ask this, but free advice:

    What is the point of mentioning 28? I can only assume someone is watching this who has bet on 28, or is otherwise emotionally hoping for a 28 (or else really really hoping it DOESN'T hit 28). If true, you might as well create some suspense:

    "The roulette wheel slowed, the ball clattering on its slats of wood as necks craned to see where it would settle. It danced over the slot with the big, black 28, then fell, unceremoniously, into the one marked 4."

    Your call.

  • Lôn
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    4 weeks ago've two different temses there.

    "The roulette wheel slowed down, the ball passed 28 before falling onto 4."

    • Pontus
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      No.  One tense: simple past (slowed).  passing & falling -- are present participles (which is a misnomer here, because they do not represent the present tense at all).  So, "the ball passing" doesn't work & so is awkward.  You could fix it by adding "with" just in front of "ball". 

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  • 4 weeks ago



    to be more clear

    I would write

    - The roulette wheel...

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