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On "General Hospital", who are Wylie's parents?


Didn't Willow say she is Wylie's mother, and that Shiloh is the father?

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    Willow and Shiloh are Wiley's parents

    Shiloh drugged and raped Willow, and she became pregnant, and left the cult. She didn't tell Shiloh she was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption, intially as an "open adoption" to Brad and Lucas but since changed her mind and granted them full adoption of him.

    Wiley got sick and died on the way to the hospital, this was before Micheal/Nelle's accident! I'm pretty sure Nelle gave birth in the car, while Micheal was unconcious and then she found Brad. Nelle/Brad were good friends, and Nelle agreed to give him her baby out of pity for Brad and spite for Micheal/Carly. 

    Jonahs is being passed of as Wiley Cooper.

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    They are Nell and michzel

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  • night
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    Brad and Lucas adopted Willow's baby with Shiloh. They named him Wylie and the baby died at home alone with Brad. Brad panicked and took the dead baby out near Nell and Michael's car accident. Nell went into labor and had her baby with Michael. She and Brad ran into each other and Nell talked Brad into switching his dead baby for her live one. So Brad went home with a new baby Wylie and Nell claimed the accident cause her baby to be stillborn. 

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    No doubt a couple of wealthy morons who have sex with everything that moves.

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  • audrey
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    Nelle and Michael. Michael dies not know he is really Wylie's father.

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