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How come suspension of disbelief is no longer a goal in professional wrestling?

From an indie show landing death valley drivers on the apron just to do 50 more moves afterwards like it doesn't matter or Seth Rollins hitting double digit Curb Stomps, professional wrestling has seem to forgotten that it's no different to any other TV program or film which is the reason viewers are tuning out.

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    Some people seem to think that the suspension of disbelief isn’t necessary because everyone knows wrestling is fake. The suspension of disbelief is the main goal of professional wrestling. Nowadays it’s more like a video game where you’re just spamming moves. This is just one of the many problems of the wrestling business. 

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  • As you point out what used to be finishing moves are now set up moves for more set up moves before you finally get to a finishing move. Wrestlers are more concerned with getting their Signature Moves in than they are in wrestling believable matches.

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