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Could I be pregnant?

Could I possibly be pregnant? I’ve been on depo for a year. Last shot was taken was 9/10/19. I skipped my shot 12/12/19. Had unprotected sex a few days later and got my period, that lasted 4 days during Christmas. Had unprotected sex again on 1/3/20 & 1/6/20. My period was due 1/19/20 Four days past due. Worried I’m pregnant. started getting light cramps on the expected ovulation date. Could I be pregnant?


Unprotected sex, but he pulled out each time.

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    Maybe - unprotected sex is the best way to become pregnant.  Pulling out is not birth control.  

    But - it could also be that your body is not actually following a good pattern yet after stopping depo.  You might just be experiencing some irregular cycles until your body completely adjusts to not having the next shot.

    When your period is a full week late, take a pregnancy test.  Then test once per week until you either get the next period or a positive test.  

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      It’s been 6 days past my Expected period.

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