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How to quit new job?

I haven't worked in a while but I was expecting to thrive in hospitality. Instead, I got a job as an Outbound Sales Representative for a private small company for hotels. My morning shift doesn't have much opportunity for revenue and I feel I'll get booted eventually for not meeting weekly quota. I'm not happy there as I feel defeated as I'm just transcribing calls all day. They are lenient with my schedule but I feel it's to keep people from leaving. It's been my lowest paying job in years. Friends tell me to stay but the manager and i also don't see eye to eye when a rare sales call comes in for me. I can tell he knows something is off with me because I ask questions a lot. Today he decided I didn't need lunch because I just "sit in the lobby anyway and have a drink", so I ended up leaving work early. They actually had 4 people quit on the spot last week in other properties. Based on what I've seen, I would be stuck there in this "easy" job as corporate department is a nightmare.I wouldn't want to advance in their company. This is actually my first week. Should I just quit or offer two week notice? If I stay it's awkward because I was supposed to start taking on some of his managerial duties in the morning to help next week. He doesn't have morning shift help and would need to interview again. He's told me before of 20 interviews only 5 showed up and I was referred by a GM based on my resume Experience. He's generally nice but it's just not for me. 

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  • 3 months ago
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    Leave a note "I quit". Then go and never come back

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  • Judy
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    3 months ago

    If you're sure it's not for you, might as well quit, but might want to find another job first.

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