What are the advantages of electric cars?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    1. Electric cars convert over 77% of grid energy to the wheels. Conventional gasoline or diesel combustion based cars convert only some 12%–30%.

    2. Electric cars release no tail pipe air pollutants at the place where they are operated.

    3. Electric cars also typically generate less noise pollution or vibrations than an internal combustion engine vehicle, whether at rest or in motion.

    4. Electric cars don't require oxygen, unlike internal combustion engines

    5. Electric cars will not need checking for leaks of inflammable fuels like natural gas or gasoline or diesel nor need their storage.

    6. Electric motors are mechanically very simple and often achieve 90% energy conversion efficiency.

    7. Electric motors can be finely controlled and provide high torque from rest, unlike internal combustion engines, and do not need multiple gears to match power curves. This removes the need for gearboxes and torque converters.

    8. Electric cars 'tank-to-wheels' efficiency is about a factor of 3 higher than internal combustion engine vehicles. Energy is not consumed while the vehicle is stationary, unlike internal combustion engines which consume fuel while idling.

    9. electric vehicles can be plugged into the electric grid when not in use, there is a potential for battery-powered vehicles to even cut the demand for electricity by feeding electricity into the grid from their batteries during peak use periods (such as midafternoon air conditioning use) while doing most of their charging at night, when there is unused generating capacity.

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  • 1 month ago

    I dont see them. One day the electricity will die. I hate it but I believe it.

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  • 1 month ago

    Reduce or even eliminate fuel costs. Weekly trips to the gas stations to fuel cars are expensive. Humans have historically had a very negative impact on our environment, switching to an electric vehicle is one way to reduce further damage to the earth. Carbon dioxide emissions from traditional vehicles contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and accelerate climate change. Electric vehicles are fueled connect to the electric grid, electricity can be produced through several generation methods. all know cars TLC from time to time. Petrol and diesel engines require expensive engine maintenance over their lifetimes' electric vehicles don’t.

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    • The cost price of electric car is too high. Time needed for recharging the battery is high and charging infrastructure needs to get well developed. The electricity needed to recharge the battery will mostly come from thermal power plant based on coal.

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  • zeno
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Probably they are less vulnerable to explode

    Since they don't require a gas station. But

    They Might be more dangerous getting a

    Static shock or electrical short circuit shock.

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