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Arctic Fox hair color or Overtone?

I have my hair professionally colored red every now and then, naturally it’s dirty blonde. I want to take some time off from professional color and have some fun on my own. I want to do a bright orange or pink, but I don’t want to use bleach so which one will give me more color. Eventually I want to try dark purple but I’ll wait until I get some of the warmer tones out or cut off so it doesn’t look muddy.


I want something that’ll wash out eventually, at least for the most part.

1 Answer

  • Personally I like Arctic Fox, if they're both temporary then they should wash out. If your hair isn't light blond (at least a level 7-10 blond) then the colors won't look all that vibrant. If your hair is red, you should remove the color or those dyes may not work on your hair. 

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