Hearing impairment?

If the person with a hearing disability turns 21 and then what happens?

- Even down syndrome due to incapacity?

- Can't drive a car?

- Don't need to pay a doctor while going to the hospital, dentist or surgery?

If using a cochlear implant, can it be normal?

3 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    people who are hearing impaired can drive, they can have good jobs, get married, have kids....

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  • None of the above. 

    •People are born with Down syndrome - only way to get it is at conception

    •Yes, they can get a driver's license

    •They still have to pay for doctors, just like everyone else

    •People  (not it) who can not hear well or at all are normal. A cochlear implant does not bring back your hearing. It tricks your brain to make sense of sound.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I know a woman who has had hearing impairment since she was a child, and wears hearing aids. She leads a perfectly normal life. She got some help in college because of her disability, but she has held down jobs, had two children, drives all the time, and of course she pays the doctor and dentist. 

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