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How can two people make great friends but horrible partners. My best friend said she’s getting a divorce but still wants him in her life?

I thought best friends make the best lovers because you know everything about each other and you can be yourself and completely comfortable. She said it’s totally different but how? Anyone wanna share their experiences on this topic

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    Marriage is like going into a business venture with someone else. No matter how much you might love them things are going to fall apart if you have different priorities about pivotal things like money, life/work balance, etc.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    That is how my ex boyfriend and I had ended things. We are great friends, and if we need someone to help us out with anything, then we help each other. I took him to surgery one day, and he also helped me out with an outpatient surgery. Sometimes we will spend a holiday together and fix a meal.

    But a consistent, day to day thing just wasn't working for me. Why? because he's just too flaky, and it's not just sometimes. I wanted someone who would spend time together and not flake out half the time. I think he is like this because he's an introvert and needs time alone. He has a job around a lot of people all week, and maybe he needs a break from people? I don't know.

    I didn't complain about it to him, i just mentioned it to him once a while before i broke up. Nothing changed, so i decided it wasn't worth the frustration of making plans for him to flake on me a lot. I often wondered if he was seeing someone else, but it turned out he wasn't. And he still isn't. (not that it's my business).

    We might talk a couple times a week, or sometimes he will shoot me a text or email me to see how i'm doing.

    It's working out better this way. I guess i had expectations. Now i don't have to.

    take care

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  • funny
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    4 weeks ago

    Being honest make a good friendship but performance make a good partner !

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