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How many cups of saltwater does it take to dehydrate you?

With large quantities of table salt in cups of water.

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    The first gulp dehydrates you because you will only urinate water that is much less saltier than seawater and as such your body will dilute the seawater to bring it to a salinity acceptable for evacuation. That means your body needs to add water to the seawater which dehydrates you because you are expelling more water than you're taking in. You're behind the 8 ball from the word go.

    Consider a cup of vodka. You are probably aware that the liver has something to do with the filtration of said alcohol. Should the consumption exceed the filtered amount your body chemistry changes to the point of sensation. Regardless you're body has to add water before it can be passed along to the big white throne. If you've had or know someone who's had a hangover, that sick feeling is partially caused by dehydration which gives you a sneak peek at what it feels like to die of thirst.

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  • 1 month ago

    You may vomit from too much salt in liquids before you become dehydrated.


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