The arm of a crane at a construction site is?

17.0 m long, and it makes an angle of 17.0

with the horizontal. Assume that the maximum load the crane can handle is limited

by the amount of torque the load produces

around the base of the arm.

What maximum torque can the crane withstand if the maximum load the crane can

handle is 672 N?

Answer in units of N · m.

2. What is the maximum load for this crane at

an angle of 26.0

◦ with the horizontal?

Answer in units of N.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If the 672 N (that's a REALLY small load for a crane) applies to the 17 deg angle then the maximum torque = 672 N * cos 17 deg * 17 m

    For the second part, do it the same way as above.

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