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How do you love yourself?

I’m a thirty year old female and I struggle with self love. I’m insecure and I have low self esteem. I’m trying to heal from my past but it’s pretty hard. I was molested as a child, I have never been in a serious relationship men just used me (they would lead me on), I don’t have any friends, people just use me and I have let them smh. I want my confidence to be strong I don’t want to be shy anymore. I’ve tried talking to a therapist but I felt she was judge mental so I haven’t went back. What can/should I do.

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    There is a world of self-help on the internet. It's right at your fingertips. Self help for surviving sexual abuse as a child, self help for self-esteem, for depression for making friends, for how to talk to otherse and more.

    Your therapist probably was trying to get to know you and judgemental? Maybe you took her techniques the wrong way. Therapists try to get us to think and sometimes even riled up. They are all different, so why didn't you switch therapists i wonder?

    Therapy is all about doing the WORK it takes to help yourself. So is self help. It's all the same thing and it all works when we WORK it.

    If you BELIEVE you're going to recover, and you put effort into it? You will.

    PS there is also a lot of great information on YouTube along with guided meditations you can use at night for healing and etc. Check that out too?

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    It's not you, you sound like a victim and I bet you are a lovely person. The truth is people suck today, you are better off without them, most are selfish, narcisstic jerks! No therapist will change that sad reality, I have had my share of being used, lied to, etc, no more, I got them all out of my life and couldn't be happier!

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