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Jake asked in PetsFish · 2 months ago

My goldfish has a pimple or welt on side ?

I noticed a pimple or welt on my goldfish, the fish seems fine . I did a 75% water change and added aquarium salt to the recommended concentration. The wound looks to have gotten bloodier since this morning. There is nothing that he could have got wounded on , the tank is mostly empty other than the filter and gravel thanks 


SOLVED : Goldfish somehow had a scale missing and it cleared up into a light pink scar within 2 days 

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  • Bort
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    2 months ago
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    The injury looks like a stab wound. It's not a disease or infection. There's a possibility it's from a parasite if you, for some weird reason or somehow, have a parasite like leaches or something in the water with it. 

    It most likely ran in to something that caused that injury if there isn't any other animal (maybe a cat fish? or some sort of thing like a leach or a parasite that latches on?) in the tank. 

    • Jake2 months agoReport

      Only another goldfish.  No parasites as the tank is 3 years old and water changed with clean water 

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