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Casey asked in PetsOther - Pets · 2 months ago

Older ferret acting sick right when new ferret is introduced?

I have a ferret who is around 3 years old. She lost her brother a few months ago and she was never alone before him. She wasn’t too different after he passed she just didn’t really play anymore. She’s the exploring type. I wanted to get her a new friend so I just got a new little 6 month old ferret. My older ferret seemed very confused and interested in the new one, followed her around and stuff. They were dooking and playing together a few times too, which was nice bc I haven’t heard my older ferret dook since her brother was still alive. But right when I got the ferret she seems to be acting a little sick. I’m very paranoid after losing her brother but she doesn’t seem to be up for very long. Maybe the new ferret is just so crazy and full of energy that the older one seems lethargic in comparison but she’s only up to play for maybe 15-20 mins at a time. And it seems like she may be eating and drinking less and I feel like she may be refusing to eat and drink out of the same bowls as the new ferret. I don’t know maybe I’m just paying too close attention now because she was perfectly fine before I brought home the new ferret. I just need some insight, has anyone heard or had experience with an older ferret acting kinda depressed after a new ferret is introduced?

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    Where did you get the ferret from? It could ECE or worse - distemper - and you've just KILLED your other ferret. Get BOTH of them to a ferret knowledgeable vet.

    But I'm betting with the last ferret that got sick and died, did you?

    Source(s): Over 24 years ferret ownership and a serious dislike for irresponsible idiots like this.
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    • Casey2 months agoReport

      You’re extra as **** no one gives a **** that you owned ferrets for 24 years or whatever the ****. What do you just skim yahoo answers looking to go off on concerned owners? You’re not helping lmfao. Obviously I planned on taking them to the vet I just wanted INSIGHT on it, dumbass

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  • 2 months ago

    You should have quarantined the new ferret for about a month so that if it has any diseases, it would be gone by the tone you introduce it to the old ferret. 

    She’s up there in age, so she’s not going to be as active as she used to be. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Why do you keep getting these weasel animals?  Weasels are sneaky so they are probably just fooling you until they get what they really want. 

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