Tasha asked in PetsRodents · 1 month ago

Hamster has swollen toe?

So I’m asking here first because it’s twenty to nine at night and my vets aren’t open to ask, but has anyone encountered their hamster to have one swollen toe? The wee ham I’m asking about I’ve had him three days however he belonged to a girl that was rehoming him because of her kids (he’s 7/8 months old but belonged to someone else before her. When I collected the hamster he was fine as far as I could tell only the next day after handling him and letting him run around in his new ball I noticed the swollen toe which the redness caught my eye. I assumed that he must’ve caught his little toe on one of the spars. I’ve been keeping an eye and took him out tonight after getting home his toes still as swollen but not as red however he can walk and run around perfectly fine.

Could it just be he caught his foot or is this something to consult a vet about? Regardless if I don’t find a mind settling answer they’ll be getting a phone call at nine when they open. 

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