Tips for selling homemade cards at a school fair?

My cousin's school does an Xmas fair and she keeps asking me to rent a stall to sell my craft work.

I make things as a hobby and I do have a lot of craft embellishments etc to use up.

I spend £25 per advent calendar. They take about 4hrs each, so they aren’t money makers. If I priced them at £30, are they likely to sell?

I make cards, costing 50p-£2 each. I don’t think I can price any at £2 at a school fair. What would be a good price range?

I also made a few little Christmas scenes from old printer trays, which maybe cost 50p each.

I’m aware that it’s a slightly lower income area and that most of the kids will be given £2-5 each to spend, most likely on sweets. My dad makes brilliant homemade tablet. Would anyone buy that at a card stall? I don’t know if homemade food is allowed yet, will need to find out nearer the time.

I don’t drive so I’d have to get my stock and table dressings there on a bus (thinking of using a wheeled suitcase with boxes of cards inside).

The school provides the table, in a classroom. We can’t bring other tables or stands or move the tables, and we can’t put anything on the walls.

I’m not sure how to display the cards to let people see them, as I can’t really take anything with me on the bus.

I know I should have a float of coins and fivers, and was thinking about £30 worth to start?

I don’t run a business so no business cards.

What tips would help sell more cards, and is there anything I’ve forgotten that would help me on the day?

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  • drip
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    1 month ago

    This really may not be worth your time.  You price the advent calendars at £30 you are only making £5 for four hours of work. Plus take out more money for each piece you sell to pay for the cost of the stall. 

    Many kids are going to want to pick the cards. This can cause them to get dirty or ripped. Putting them in clear sleeves protectors would help. 

     It sure what you mean by homemade tablets. 

    Do the math. What the stall will cost you. How long you will be there selling. What each piece takes you to make.  Are you willing to sell everything almost at cost, making nothing or little for your time.  Will you sell enough to pay for the stall? 

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    • drip
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      1 month agoReport

      Then do it. Make sure you covers ALL material cost and a wee bit more. If they sell out you know next time you could raise your price a bit

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