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I might have HPV. Help!?

So I hooked up with a friend just once. She told me afterwards that she had HPV but she got it treated, but also she had some warts come back which she thinks might be a symptom. We had oral sex and scissoring and kissed a lot. Can I get HPV from this? If it's possible, is it likely? What can I do about this? I have a really bad phobia of needles so I don't want to get tested unless I absolutely have to

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    It's unclear what type of HPV she had. I presume she had warts which she had treated and was having symptoms that she presumed were warts? The obvious question is where the warts were. On the face, nose, fingers or feet? Those are contracted via direct skin to skin contact. If she had genital warts then those are also contracted via direct skin to skin contact. If she had HPV on her cervix then that type of HPV doesn't cause warts. It can cause cellular changes which can lead to cancer. That type of HPV is also transmitted by direct contact with vaginal fluid. Consequences for that for males is if oral is undertaken then oral cancers can come about years later. 

    There are no tests for males in detecting HPV infection outside a visual check for genital warts or warts in general on other body parts. 

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