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Do I like him or not?

We’ve been talking for a really long time now. He’s the nicest person ever. We are pretty close and I’m so thankful that i’m friends with a guy like him. He confessed his feelings for me a few months ago I didn’t really like him back then. 

We talk almost everyday, but this month has been different. I met this new guy and I kind of distracted myself from the other guy. (Im not talking to the new guy anymore). I messaged him today and he’s just so sweet. I don’t know if i have feelings for him or not. I feel like he deserved much better than me. And I know we’ve been talking for a while but I still feel like he doesn’t know me very well and I don’t think he’d like me if he knew more about me. Another thing that may be stupid but he’s a few months younger than me and I’d prefer if he was older or something. He comes from a really good family and he’s just an amazing guy. 

Idk why but I also get jealous if he hangs out with other girls and stuff. It’s like I like him stuff but don’t actually wanna end up with him or i don’t know. I get paranoid thinking if we actually end up together i don’t know why exactly. I get so happy when he texts me. I font know what my feelings are.

I know this is getting long, but i’m clueless to weather he still likes me or not. I don’t wanna bring it up because we’d never talk about it again. But I really hope he still likes me i don’t know why. 


k nvm i’m in love with guy🥺😭😂😂😭

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You are over-thinking aren't you. You didn't like him enough in THAT you got a boyfriend. Now that's finished you are starting to think about the old friend in THAT way after all. Remain friends with him and give it time. See how things go with him and if you still fancy him, have a bit of a flirt with him....not immediately - you need to get back to your old relationship first...and see if he responds. You might have to make the first move as you rebuffed him the first time round.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    only you can ask yourself and give yourself the answer of whether or not you like him. it depends on how he, himself, makes you feel. how it makes you feel to see a call or text from him. how it makes you feel to see him. how it makes you feel when he looks at you. how it makes you feel when you guys talk to each other. all that corresponds to whether or not you like him. only you can answer that. not strangers on yahoo answers.

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  • Helen
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    4 weeks ago

    It seems as though you want to like him, but you don't really. If you don't know, it means you don't.

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