I'm writing a story and I would like to know what the process is like in a police department for when a person is visiting someone ....?

who has been arrested for being a suspect of the dissapearing of a man? Thank you!

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    First, you would not be visiting someone (in jail) who is suspected of a crime. That person would not be in jail until they were officially charged with a crime.

    Once that takes place, the process for visiting that person would be the same as it is for any other inmate at that jail.

    Be aware that the process in place at one facility in one town or city may not be the exact process used in a different facility in the same state.

    So you would need to decide on a locale for the fiction you are writing. Easiest would be to set the story where you live and then go to that jail and ask what the process is. If no one there wants to take the time, you could find out the name of someone jailed there and then go 'visit' them - go through the process yourself.

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  • 1 month ago

    Do you mean visiting in a police department or in a prison?

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    Local jails in the US establish their own rules for visiting. It's not unusual for there to be no visitors allowed other than one's attorney. A person who cannot make bail (which means all poor people) might not see anyone else until his trial. Or he might have a stream of visitors in a small town's two-cell jail.

    If he is sentenced for a short duration, to be served in a county jail rather than a state or federal prison, then that institution establishes its visitation policies. Inmates in jails who are behaving well enough are allowed visitors in most cases. Most people serving sentences in prisons are as well, although some prisons specifically do not allow it; their prisoners are deemed especially dangerous, at risk of escape, etc.

    But as someone noted, it depends entirely on where you've set your story. Things could be completely different in India, Japan, Germany, or Argentina.

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  • 1 month ago

    Which country is this happening in?

    Have you tried googling specifically for this question?

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