Dream Interpretation Please?

I had a dream that I was inside my old home that I am currently moving out of. 

In this dream there was a tortoise on my bed. I went to grab the tortoise then a snake crawled out of the tortoise shell and started to strike at me but I avoided getting bit each time.

I know this has to mean something deeper. 

Please share your wisdom and the possible symbolism of my dream. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    When I think of a turtle or tortoise I think of something that moves very slowly, maybe with some thought.  The quick movement of your hand frightened the tortoise, and it struck out at you with an image of something very dangerous, a snake. Why did you try to strike it?  Better to just leave the evil thing alone.  I think the snake symbolized evil in your Life.  So look to your current Life and see who is the slow one, and who is the fast one.  Being fast is not always the best action.  Maybe it is better option to take it easy and take some thought as you move through your Life! 

  • 1 month ago

    u r moving slowly in ur life which may be harmful to ur future . be active and quick is the message

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