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Chemistry Conversions Help?

Please explain if you can, I am not just trying to get the answer, I need help understanding.

The distance between two bonded atoms (the bond length), is usually in units of picometers, where 1.00 m = 1.00 x 10^12 pm (or 1.00 x 10^-12 m) What is the distance between two triply bonded carbon atoms, in units of miles, if the bond length is 121 pm?

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    I'm sorry, but that's just silly.  It's your teacher's feeble attempt to get you to learn about conversion factors.  One would never use "miles" for such a measurement.

    121 pm x (1 m / 1x10^12 pm) x (1 km / 1000m) x (1 mi / 1.609 km) = 7.52x10^-14 mi

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      There is nothing here to "understand" besides conversion of units.

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