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What would you do?

you are a man and you see a very sad wahmen on the street she is crying you go to try to help her out and she starts screaming rape! rape! rape! she tries to punch you in the nuts but you block her fist now she is screaming HELP HELP REEEEEEEEEEEEE

what do you do?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yell "what is wrong with you" and make sure any bystanders know that shes just crazy and ill im trying to do is help then Id be done trying to help

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  • Call me a heartless, but I wouldn't even. Not even under the notion of being helpful and stuff. I mean MAYBE I would if I had a witness or two so that I don't end up getting the okie doke pulled on me.

    Never know what some folks are plotting out there.

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