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How do i get him to talk?

I have 3 close guy friends. 

1) my best friend (16)

2) my ex (18)

3) my best friends brother (14). 

Ok. My best friend and his brother have been friends with my ex for their whole lives. I still talk to my ex and his sister. Everytime my best friend and I try to call or text my ex, he will just ignore us and leave us on read. I called my ex Saturday and he picked up first ring. I texted him sunday a question and he left me on read. My best friend made a group chat with the two of us last night and he just leaves us on read. I think it is because hes going through a tough time right now (he wont tell us lol) and he is obsessed with playing video games (i think its his escape). But i feel like im drifting apart from my ex because he wont talk so how do i get him to talk to us?! I would hate to lose this friendship he is the first person Ive truly loved


I dont have feelings for my ex anymore. In fact I like my best friend right now; i just dont want to drift apart from my ex

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    The best way to ruin a friendship is to date a friend. The second best way is to break up with him. We're not generally supposed to be super tight with all our exes and this guy is clearly letting you know he doesn't wish to continue as you once were. You should try to respect his feelings a little more and worry about your own a little less.

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  • Alan H
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    1 month ago

    If yohave no feelings, why does it matter if you drift apart?

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  • 1 month ago

    wash boarding tends to do the trick

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