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Is it worth buying a used Rover 416 Si for 1st car that has 125k miles for 1,000$?

I recently got my driver's license, so I decided to buy a used car. The car is in daily use. Made in 1997, 1st owner, manual transmission, Motor Vehicle Inspection passed on 2020/01. Looks like the owner took good care of her. I was told that these cars made with Honda parts. Is It True? Unfortunately the Rover company defunct since 2005 so obtaining spare parts may be a little bit tricky. Should I avoid it?

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    The 400 series was based on Honda's design but all made by Rover. As far as I recall only the 1.6-litre automatic had Honda power, the rest were Rover. Rover's output at the time was distinctly "patchy", if you find a good one it's good, otherwise maybe not.  Worth looking at at that price, make sure you get it checked by someone who knows what he's doing.

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    Any used vehicle under 4000$ is a good one, IF you have a qualified TECH survey it prior to purchase.

    This particular vehicle might not be a good choice, because of Expense for repair, and parts.

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