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Will gen Z be richer than millenials?

I head millenials are the poorest generation. I've seen so many ppl in their 30s who don't got their **** together while ppl my age are doing great.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Probably not. At the way things are going you will have less housing opportunities, have to pay significantly more to own or even rent a house. You'll have less career opportunities and the same struggles we did.

    Goes to university, gets a bachelors degree, goes like $80,000+ in the hole, and the best job you can get STILL requires a bachelors, maybe even a masters/PhD, but pays $16.50/hr to start. You're gonna face the same struggles my friend. Don't you worry. We can try as hard as we want but unless something changes drastically during our reign y'all are f*cked like us!


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