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How do I respond if my parents find out I see an enemy of there’s and am kind?

If it’s an enemy outside of the family who I’m not friends with and then I’m happy to make enemies with them but when it’s family I have a hard time hating anyone even when my parents want me too. I’ve written before that my dad wants me to hate my mother’s sister now that my grandfather has died. Also there’s an uncle getting divorced and his ex we’re supposed to hate and while I doubt I’ll see her very much anymore I wish to be nice when I do see her and since her mother is in pallet of care I would like to make an appearance at the funeral when she dies since we’ve known her as long as we’ve known the ex-aunt.

I don’t like hating friends and family so like I said I don’t mind hating people that I only know through my parents but the others I wish not to participate. My parents have a policy of your inner you’re out so I think it’s subconscious that they do this. I’m in adult but they’re bound to find out sometimes who I see and don’t say specially because they live with my maternal grandmother.

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    What's "pallet of care?"  You're an adult, act like it.

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    1 month ago

    i would see whoever you want to see anyways and if your parents dont like it thats their problem

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