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Do early labor contractions make you poop?

So I’m about 37-38 weeks and today I decided to do a lot more moving around than usual cleaning the house. Now when i’m trying to sleep the baby keeps pushing her body parts out my stomach( ya know like kicking but more like stretching because she holds it there for a couple seconds) everytime she does this i feel a strong pain( like menstrual cramps) in my lower stomach. It doesn’t go away when i sit up or stand or walk. But it does make me poop... everytime. It’s been happening in intervals of about every  7-15 minutes for about 45-50 seconds or until i poop. Could these be early labor contractions or just my body “cleaning out” ? 


Btw i went to doctor last week and was barely even 1/2cm dialted. 

Update 2:

Update. I was in active labor. Went to my doctor appointment for normal check up and turns out i was 8cm 😱. So i’m guess my body was clearing out while i was becoming more dilated. So to answer my own question.. yes real contractions early and active can make you poop.

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    Putting your bowel situation aside for a moment, there was something else you said that I picked up on. You said that you were doing a lot more moving around than usual. That happened to me the day I went into labor with both of my children. I later learned that we get a burst of energy before delivery and this is a sign to conserve your energy because you're going to need it for labor. So try and relax a little more and rest up.

    When you think about the amount of space a baby takes up in your body, it's not surprising that an active baby's movements could massage your intestines leading to emptying your bowels.

    So, I think that everything that's happening to you is perfectly normal. Relax, you going to be a mother soon. Congratulations.

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    Wishful thinking.......

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    There's literally no way to tell unless you go into active labor.  But none of that sounds like "early labor."  Sounds like normal 37-38 weeks pregnant.  Labor could be today or nearly five weeks from now.  No way to predict.  

    eta - You being in active labor doesn't mean the contractions made you poop, or that poop means you're in labor.  It means you coincidentally cleaned out while having mild contractions.  

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