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How come people keep on harassing an mentally disabled autistic man and won't leave him alone?

So I've about had it with people on here as now I have two people who are on my tail wanting to get me arrested. I don't get what is up with this one guy but he keeps on harassing me. Everyone is now reporting me to the police just because of some stuff that I've said. I don't get why is everyone so worked up over some stuff that I said. Although, I really do want to rob a bank cause I need money so bad. I'm going to vietnam next year and I need a total of $2,000 dollars. I'm supposed to be meeting this vietnamese woman who my family is introducing me to. I need that money before I fly out of charlotte douglas next january. Heck if I really wanted to I might just go to a wells fargo in charlotte if I really wanted money. I'm just tired of everyone attacking me so I'm leaving for now as I can't stand everyone wanting me to get locked up. I don't know why everyone wants me to get locked up just cause I said some stuff. I have autism so I think I can get off on an insanity plea cause I do have an mental illness. I've gotten off over even horrible stuff that I did when i was a teen. I was taken to family court in charlotte over me threatening to blow up my middle school. I got probation and so I got off on that. I have an mental illness and so I would never get jail time. How come everyone keeps on harassing me ?? How come everyone is wanting me to get locked up ?? How come everyone thinks that I can get locked up ??

2 Answers

  • Again I say.......JUST GO AWAY

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  • 3 months ago

    Idle threats. You have said you are going to Vietnam for over a decade. You have said you are leaving here dozens of times.  You describe plans to break the law that you never prove you have done. Your words are worthless.

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