Why is USPS trying to deliver a candle to me in person (USPS put a failed delivery notice on the door, said they will redeliver tomorrow)?

Why didnt USPS just drop it off? I ordered vintage matches and a candle from ebay and they came in the mailbox by the road, but the candle came a day after both vintage matches arrived (I bought them from eBay, but the matchbooks dont say if they are Strike On Box or Strike Anywhere matches, because only Strike On Box is allowed in the mail, ground delivery only). The candle I ordered was called (3 Years Old Birthday Candle) and it looks like a number 3 with stars on it, and it was used condition. Did USPS put the candle in some kind of security hold (so I have to pick it up in person when the USPS mail lady comes to my door)? How can a candle get held up in mail security if it is mail security protocol?


USPS dropped off all my other packages at the door and in the mailbox just fine. Whats wrong with a candle? Or is it because Im 26 years old and I ordered a candle that was used in possible a 3 year olds birthday? Age legality issues or not?

Update 2:

It never said anything about signature confirmation required on the eBay listing for the candle.

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