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Why am I so confused about my memories ? ?

Mom used to send me mixed signals all the time. She would hit me a lot, call me all sorts of names (crazy, psycho, useless ...) and tell me how I'll always be alone in this world. She even told me that I'm not her biological daughter. Other times she would buy me things I love and cook my favourite meals. This left me in a state of confusion, even though I'm 20 y.o now.

I get flashbacks from my past a lot and it's really uncomfortable, sometimes I can't even tell if what I'm remembering is real or just illusions. Like days ago I had a flashback from mom putting my face in front of an oven while I was screaming, I remember her saying some pretty hurtful things, I remember things my bullies said, I remember lots of stuff but I'm not sure why I'm so confused about everything.

What is wrong with me? Is this an indicator of a specific mental illness ?

P.S : At some point I was diagnosed with clinical depression, social anxiety and agoraphobia.

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    It rather sounds to me that your mother suffered about a mental illness and gave you depression and anxiety. 

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