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What has McDonalds done to their wraps? can anyone relate?

Okay so from a very early age I remember the day my father said "I got you the new thing form McDonalds for breakfast, the "breakfast burrito""/ Since then this has been my favourite breakfast you could get anywhere, and since it's been a pleasure.

I got a couple breakfast buritos on christmas eve, and it was in a brown wrap, not the regular white, tasted like crap becsause brown bread is a s stupid health choice and I don't care for that nonsense when im eating at mcdonalds, I let it go thinking it was a specific location, but today I got my first snack wrap in a couple years and it was also in a brown crappy awful wrap. WTH, did McDonalds switch to brown wraps? WTH are they doing? We need to do something, were not going to McDonalds for their crap health scre you overs

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Right?? As if there are 'healthy choices' to make at McD's. I get the morning McWrap, which is a bigger version, and it has that damned whole wheat tortilla, but since the wrap is filling, I get it anyways. I would much prefer the white one, but I make do.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    hey, here's an idea. how about go to the store and buy the ingredients and make it your damn self. then it'll always be right

    or if you're that lazy, then ask if they have white

  • Petter
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    4 weeks ago

    I can relate. It's frickin' McD's. I would like a deep freid wrap covered in chocolate with bacon wraped around it!

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