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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesVisual ArtsPhotography · 2 months ago

Is there a photo or editor app where I can change the saturation of one part of the photo because I wear fake tan sometimes one part darker.?

Like my neck might be alittle darker than my face and I want to make my skin tone color the same all over. Cause with the editing apps on App Store it only allows you to change the saturation or color of the whole entire photo not just one part so I’m wondering if there’s an app or something where I can edit just the one part. Thanks!!!

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  • Frank
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Most computer programs like Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom have this capability.  However, it could be more difficult than just making a selection and moving a slider.  If, for example, you are working with a JPEG instead of a RAW file, you will find it difficult to make brightness and color adjustments due to JPEGs only being 8-bit files and compressed.  RAW files are typically 12-14 bit files which means that they have anywhere from 16-32x more tonality (i.e. information) to work with than a JPEG.  A JPEG only has 256 tones per R/G/B color channel while a typical 12-bit RAW file has 4,096 tones.  Plus the information for brightness and color are stored differently than a JPEG making it possible to change one without affecting the other.  JPEGs use one variable for color and brightness which makes editing JPEGs very limiting.

    Just about any photo-editing app for a computer will allow you to make edits to a selected area of the overall image. There is no app for a phone that will allow you to do this. The better photo-editing programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Luminar and the free apps from and do a good job, too. The better apps like Photoshop allow you to work in adjustment layers. In an AL you can make your edits to a selected area, close the program, and then reopen it anytime later and undo anything. In apps that don't work in layers or some kind of non-destructive editing, any of your edits are permanent once the app is closed. The exception is Adobe Lightroom which doesn't work in layers but edits a JPEG copy and then applies all edits to the original when you export the file. Lightroom is an excellent app because of its editing capabilities and because it includes an excellent catalog system to keep track and rank your images.

    Because of the potential difficulties that you could have with editing your images, I would strongly suggest downloading one of the free apps like Gimp from and then go onto youtube and watch some tutorials on making the types of edits that you want.  Being one of the more popular apps, there's a huge number of tutorials on  YouTube.

    If Gimp or Darktable don't work out for you, download a trial version of Lightroom.  Trial version would be a good thing since you have 14-30 days to try it out.  If you like the results, you typically can save your work just like you would if you had paid for the app.  Makes little sense to pay for the app if you just want to edit one image.

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