Lachlan asked in PetsReptiles · 4 weeks ago

What’s the best reptile for me?

This may be all too much too look for but I’m open to suggestions.  

I’m looking for a lizard around a medium size maybe close to a bearded dragon, not too expensive (in the hundreds is fine), is diurnal, can be or likes being handled. The only problem I face while trying to find a lizard is that I really want it to have bright colours. I looked into an Abronia Arboreal Alligator Lizard but those are super rare and I also looked into a jewelled lacerta lizard but many people told me you need to get the humidity spot on or they can get skin infections and digestion issues I think.  Also if it could not be rare like an Alligator lizard that would also be appreciated.

Thanks, I’m open to suggestions

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