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how to build a computer for Video editing?

I'm going to make a computer for video editing. I found this article on Reddit. Is this computer worth making 720P videos?

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    2 months ago

    With video heading toward 8k, lots already at 4k, lots more at 1080, what is your goal of focusing on reduced resolution (720p)?

    Since the computer shown at your link is planned for 4K editing, using it for 720p editing should be well within its capabilities. The image you posted is an Apple iMac (check the logo at the bottom of the computer screen).

    A video editing "platform" is one thing - getting all the components to work well together - that helps a LOT... I used to be an IT manager, so no stranger to qualifying, buying, making and maintaining computer hardware, software and networks.

    Specific to your question, I started video editing back in the days of standard definition video... then 1080i on Apple iMacs. I upgraded a couple of years ago, the iMac was replace/upgraded with a new iMac and now edit 4k video. My current video editing platform:


    27 inch iMac (late 2012); 2.9 GHz Quad core Intel core i5; with 8 gig RAM;

    External OWC 4-bay drive enclosure (each bay has a 3.5 inch 4TB hard drive;

    Mackie 8 channel USB audio mixer (and various mics);

    27 inch Acer external monitor (connected using Thunderbolt-to-VGA adapter + VGA cable);

    Elgato video capture interface

    Sennheiser wireless (full ear muff) headphones


    macOS Catalina (v10.15.12)

    Final Cut Pro





    (There are other apps, but these are the most commonly used when editing)


    Sony HDR-AX2000 (1080; soon to be replaced by a PWX-Z280)

    Sony HDR-AS30V actioncam (1080)

    Sony PXW-Z150 (4K)

    To answer your question directly about "this computer worth making 720P videos"... yeah, that homemade rig at the link you posted is fine - as is the iMac you posted in the image.

    I found the price difference between iMac and other Operating System (Windows) computer hardware to be minimal - actually, the iMac was less expensive with the same capabilities... But the video editing software and operating system stability (including being less of a malware vector) tipped the scales in favor of the iMac... and if I had the $, I'd like a Mac Pro tower.

    And yes, video capture and editing is my hobby... and yes, I use a Windows machine for work stuff.

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