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Anonymous asked in HealthOptical · 2 months ago

Double vision or watery eyes? ?

Okay so recently i've been having some double vision issues. I can't tell if i'm actually having double vision or all the sudden my eyes are just more watery than usual, because when i squint it goes away. This double vision is only when looking at text or certain images on the tv or my phone, i see the text and a clouded perception of that same text on top of it. This seems to only be at night but even if all my lights on. I don't have double vision looking at anything else just tv and phone. Is there a possible reason for this? Even if my eyes are more watery than usual, why could that be? Please help.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Astigmatism seems like the most likely answer. Astigmatism is a condition where the cornea is steeper along one meridian than it is along another. This often leads to things looking stretched out or having a shadow next to it or even double images with one much less distinct. The symptoms of astigmatism are worse when the pupil is larger which may account for it being worse in the evenings.

    People also have double vision because their eyes don't work together. When this is the case, both images would be expected to be similar in quality. This easily be checked for by covering one eye. If the double vision results from a defect in how the eyes work together, one image will go away if either eye is covered. This is the type of double vision that can be a result of serious things going on inside your skull.


    You should get an eye exam.

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