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Where should I keep my phone while running?

I run a lot and I prefer to have my phone for music while doing so. Thing is, I'm a bit confused as to where I should keep it. My leggings don't have any pockets, so in the meantime, I just stick it in my sports bra.

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    That's entirely up to you. Some people put it in a pouch that straps to their arm. Some wear a sports belt that will hold it (I do that, sometimes). I've also put the phone in a clip (that you can clip to your waistband, purse, etc) and run with it that way but the part of the clip that was on the inside of my waistband would sometimes become irritating if I was on a longer run and sweating a lot. The potential issues with putting it in your bra are: it getting wet and malfunctioning, it getting too hot and malfunctioning, it causing irritation/chafing on your skin

    Various options:

    Pouch on arm

    Sports belt (e.g., spibelt, flipbelt as examples)

    Get leggings/shorts with a pocket

    Pocket in their shirt/jacket

    Waistband clip (my phone is in an otterbox and clips are made for that)

    Hold it in your hand (I see people do that, but I wouldn't)

    In a zipper pocket of a camelback (hydration vest)

    Magnetic pouch (slips over the waist of your leggings and is held in place with a magnet)

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    You can buy a phone holster that has a strap that allows it to be secure on your upper arm.

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    Ive seen female joggers either hold their phones in their hands or in a sports bra. Personally, I think its dangerous to listen to music while jogging because it takes your mind off of your surroundings.

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