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I kind of like to write poems, need your honest opinion on this?

The first time we met she gave me a fright,

But now I’m locking the doors three times a night,

One two three,one two three,

And that’s on my OCD.

Walking down the street and all I see,

People are dying,

People are crying,

People are naked,

People are hated.

No escape from the torture I call my brain, 

Physically and mentally always in pain, 

Each day the thoughts consume me,

Everyday something is always new for me.

Trying to get the violent images out of my head,

I put all my effort in making them go to bed,

Left then right, one two three,

Clean your hands until your free.

How can you escape when it’s in your head,

You just have to wait until you’re dead.

One two three, one two three,

And that’s on my OCD.

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    To keep the rhythm of this really original poem,

    add to lines 4 and 20, the word, `all`..

    "And all that`s on my OCD."

    You could read more poetry, and that will help you

    to write more here?

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    it sounds okay to me

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