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Does anyone have any links to recipes specifically tailored for suffers of liver cirrhosis? (UK)?

A family member has recently been diagnosed but despite a lot of googling, we can only find lists of banned foods and go to foods, not actual recipes or meal plans.

He can t have salt, pre-made sauce, dressing, stock, broth, oil, butter, gravy, red meat, tinned food/soups, breading, stuffing, batter, ready meals, takeaways, processed meat, butter, white bread/pasta/rice, pickles, instant noodles/cereals, crisps, popcorn, rice cakes, full and semi fat dairy, baked goods, most cheeses, processed cheese, tea, coffee or fizzy juice.

The meal list so far is quite light, as so many ingredients we would normally use are on the banned list.

He doesn t like nuts, seeds, granola, quinoa, margarine, tofu, cream cheese, salmon and greek yoghurt, which is most of the rest of the list.

The only things on the go to list he likes are eggs, lean white meats, herbs, vegetables and cheddar.

He s currently only having sauceless chicken or fish with potatoes and peas, sauceless pork stirfry, chicken sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, or cheese on toast. He s trying to find a homemade stock receipe for soup that doesn t include anything on the banned list.

The doctor had no more information and the dietician simply told him to avoid the banned list.

It s been near impossible to find recipes that don t have banned ingredients on them, so help locating some would be much appreciated.

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    Not a recipe book but the link has some pretty complete tips for eating:

    He's going to learn to like the things you say he doesn't like. The hardest part of a restricted diet - especially meat restricted - is getting protein. Most of those things are proteins.

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