Can someone break down Asperger’s syndrome for me? ?

I had a friend who had it and he thought very differently but I still don’t understand what they struggle with? 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Having Asperger's feels like forever being a foreigner in your own native culture. You can improve on your "accent" but you will never operate as a "natural". 

    I have it. It is a condition that more or less impacts the ability to intuitively see things from another perspective. It is difficult for me to know how I am coming across to other people. It is frustrating because other than this, I have normal intelligence and ability to function in the world (have a job, drive,etc.). Imagine people thinking you are "different" or "awkward" your entire life. Imagine being competent at jobs, but struggle substantially with interviews because you fail to find the balance between being serious and being (appropriately) funny or amusing. Imagine always struggling to work out people's intent. Also, after almost every social interaction, I find myself dissecting everything that I said to see how it would be interpreted. 

    None of this is due to low confidence or social anxiety- it is entirely due to being unable to see yourself from another person's perspective. These are the main symptoms, though some people also have sensory integration problems in addition to these. 

    In short, Asperger's is a disorder that causes impairment in social skills in a person who does not otherwise lack intellectual  or adaptive functioning skills. 

    I was diagnosed as an adult, but it is something that you are born with. It is thought to be caused by genetics. I started to realize I was different by the time I was 5 or 6. Other kids seemed to intuitively know how and when to crack jokes, how to make friends, get their way from people,etc.. I did not really grasp this - nor did I seem to have a firm grasp of  what was or was not appropriate to do or joke about in different circumstances. For example, I would often talk loudly in quiet environments---not out of disrespect, but because I simply did not pick up on the fact that the environment was quiet. I struggled to make friends and  despite desperately trying to change that- my entire growing up was one big huge social hurdle after another. 

    It can be highly frustrating. Jobs often go to the person who knows someone who knows someone.  It is true that a lot of the best jobs are not posted on sites like Indeed or USAJobs but are offered and filled through networking. This is inherently problematic for us aspies- who often struggle with the social aspect of networking. It sucks when you see a job go to someone less experienced simply because they were born with an innate ability to ace interviews with their social skills. 

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  • drip
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    3 weeks ago

    Each case/person is different.  

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    • L. E. Gant
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      It's not the best, and highly biased towards the behaviour analysis approach, but it covers what was asked -- a breakdown of aspergers.

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