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What brand are these mini makeup brushes?

I am trying to find out the brand of these green and black labeled mini makeup brushes from a few years ago but I cannot find it anywhere. Can somebody tell me the brand?


These are not high-end or luxury brand. I am simply looking for the brand name of them. It doesn't matter to me if they are generic or not I just want to know if anyone knows the brand name. If not, there's no need to comment thank you

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  • 1 month ago

     Because of the color, I thought perhaps they were clinique brushes but after researching both modern Clinique brushes and vintage, there is no set that looks like those you've shown. Makeup companies rebrand all the time so your brushes might look completely different now as you purchased yours a long time ago. Even if you consider brushes being rebranded, that usually happens with high-end brushes and these clearly are not high end based on that if they were, they'd be labeled with the brand. I suggest that you start looking for a new brush set that comes close to these. Sorry, but with thousands of makeup brushes made and new ones being created each year, there is no way to tell the name.

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    • I didn't think you didn't have other sets of brushes, I just thought these were your favorite and wanted to re-buy and needed to know the name of the brushes you've shown. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Its rather impossible to guess the brand on those.  They look very generic.   You could look on a site like Amazon to see if they have something similar, but chance are if they were purchased quite a while ago, the manufacturer may not sell them any longer.  

    • rebecca1 month agoReport

      Did that. Ty anyways 

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