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Can I connect a device that is connected to my wifi router via ethernet cable to a Google Nest Mini?

Serious answers please!?

I just got a free Google Nest Mini 2 today. My home is not all that "smart" except for my phones, smart tv and possible stereo at the moment. I have a Samsung smart home theater system/stereo, but it's an older one. It doesn't have the wifi adapter, but it can be connected to the internet through a ethernet cable to my wifi router. So I was wondering, since I have my Google Nest connected to that same router via wifi, am I able to connect it to my stereo so I can control it that way?

Google Home/Nest/Alexa noob here. Lol

I would appreciate any help, thanks!


My stereo isn't currently connected to the router at the moment. I am just asking because I don't feel like digging through my basement for a cable all for nothing if it wasn't possible. 

Update 2:

Or I should say, Can I connect a device that is connect to router by ethernet cable to the app Google Home?

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    The network topology (wired vs Wi-Fi) won't be the issue.  If all this equipment is connected to a common router than they could in theory communicate.

    The question is what exactly are you trying to achieve?  Do you want to be able to have the Google Nest mini control the stereo?  If yes, I don't believe that is possible, at least with the equipment you have on hand.  The stereo would need to be able to communicate directly with the Nest Mini, this would either require suitable intelligence in the stereo (unlikely) or another Google device that is capable of controlling the stereo.  Regardless, Ethernet (wired) vs Wi-Fi is not the roadblock.

    With any of these smart speakers their idea of stereo is to acquire another smart speaker where the two are able to play music in stereo together.  The smart speaker manufacturers don't think you need an old fashion amplifier and speakers any more.

    There are a lot of gotchas with respect to getting older technology to play nice in the smart home world.

    Source(s): Struggling to get a 2012ish vintage TV to play with Amazon Echo
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    The type of connection wifi or ethernet is irrelevant. The Google mini can only connect with other things that are google mini compatible, so for instance my hive home heating CAN be controlled by google mini only because it is recognised as compatible. My Humax digital TV receiver CANNOT be controlled by my Google mini as it was never designed to be compatible even though it is connected via ethernet, similarly my CCTV even though it is connected on the network via ethernet currently cannot be controlled by my google home mini as it not compatible.

    If a device is google home mini compatible it will say so in the documentation

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  • Dave
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    1 month ago

    You should have no problem with all devices talking to each other regardless if they are connected via WiF or Ethernet cable.

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