WiFi/Speakers Not Functioning for Gaming Laptop after Windows 10 installation on SSD and removal from HDD. ?

I have an Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop. 8 GB RAM, 240 GB Kingston SSD and an 1 TB HDD with an. i5 core. Recently I installed Windows 10 on the SSD with a flash drive, and every time I would open the computer, it would prompt me if I wanted to open it with Windows 10 Volume 5 and Windows 10 Volume 2. Volume 5 was on the HDD and Volume 2 was on the SSD. I looked for a way to avoid this screen and save some space by deleting the Windows 10 on the HDD, I accomplished this, and it must have taken the drivers for my WiFi and Speakers with it. My laptop no longer recognizes the speakers as being connected and does not give the me the option for WiFi under Network Settings. 

I opened up the device manager (Windows Key + X), and found the Network adapters working fine (there are two of them, a Realtek and a Intel(r) wireless adapter. I looked up another guide to fix this which told me to uninstall the driver and reinstall, I did this with the Realtek driver, which now has an orange exclamation point next to it and gives me a “Code 56” because Windows is not done setting it up, or something along the lines of that. I looked up this code, and it was something to do with VPNs, which I have NEVER used on this laptop. I tried updating the drivers, rolling back the drivers to a previous version, and went into the Services to turn on the WLAN autoconfig services, which were disabled and now switched to “automatic”. Nothing works and I am completely lost

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  • 4 weeks ago

    might be that the hardware drivers used by the BIOS/UEFI are/were on the HDD and didn't get onto the SSD. [Mirror software avoids this problem.] your laptop maker can send you these drivers and instructions on installing them

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  • David
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    I would try setting up a clean install of windows again on the SSD, deleting any current partitions (using the custom install option) . Disconnect the old hard drive before you do this

    If that doesn't work go to the Acer website support section for you computer and download the latest driver and try that.

    If that doesn't work I would contact Acer support and see if they will send you a recovery flash drive to install windows 10 or take it to a tech for help

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