Middle ear fluid, Muffled Hearing, Ringing and slight Pain Present 6 days after start if ear infection.?

I was Diagnosed with a double ear infection 6 days ago. The ER gave me a prescription for z-pack and Ibuprofen. after 24 hours the ear pain had mostly subsided and i was left with both of my ears draining pink-ish and yellow liquid as well a muffled hearing, pressure behind the ear drum and ringing ears (also a persistent sinus headache if that's relevant).

Today is the 6th day and while pain pills and nasal decongestants do help with discomfort i'm still worried. (I Haven't had an ear infection since i was a child)

My real question is, Is it normal to still have these symptoms after finishing antibiotics 2 days ago? Do i just need to give my eustachian tube time to open up and let the fluid drain from my middle ear?

(and yes i have tried all of the techniques listed online to open up the eustachian tubes they do make crackling noises and open slightly but usually after 30 seconds i feel fluid moving again and the pressure returns.

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  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Stop messing about with your ears. The infection might have gone but they are inflamed. This can take days to settle down. No Doctor will advise you to open the tubes. 

    Take painkillers and wait it out.

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