Am I Dyspraxic?

I live a normal (yet clumsy) life as a 12 yo girl and I never thought that there was anything wrong with me, until one of my close friends brought up the fact that she thinks I am Dyspraxic. she has a younger sister with dyspraxia so she is quite educated on the matter. I have done some research and I have a few symptoms of it. 

I am stupidly clumsy ( I fall over several times a day & other things) 

I have little to no control over my volume & pitch when I talk

I cant tie my shoelaces properly

I get quite confused when a task has more than 2 or 3 steps

I don't multi-task well.

should I be worried about it and talk to my parents about it or is it nothing to worry about?


I also can't do my own hair at 12 years old

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  • Carson
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    4 weeks ago
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    My grandson is 22

    You him and he has ADHD.

    Idk what it is you have. You need to be examined, something his father NEVER did. You.need to get started on fixing yourself now.

    He has always had problems. His father ignored them and set him in front of video games. Because of that he will never work more than part time. If he would have gotten Evaluated the gov't would have helped him with training.

    NOW, I don't want you to think this is hopeless, because it isn't. Your friend, although we'll meaning, is not a Dr. Nor am I. You may just be awkward and will grow out of it.

    The hearing thing. You may not be able to hear your self speak.

    Put your finger on the ...littl upside down U in front of the ear canal. Push it into your ear and speak. Aak you friend to assist you to find a good volume. Pay attention to how it feels when you talk.

    Learn to replicate that feeling when you speak.

    LISTEN! Let people finish their sentence before you start talking.

    You can beat this.

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